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About Us - NextCellular Pvt Ltd

Founded in 2017, Next Cellular, a division of Next 360 pty Ltd, is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa with regional office in India.

In a span of just three years, Next Cellular achieved an enviable reputation in establishing itself as a leading Global Telecom Brand having network footprint in 31 countries including United Kingdom, Europe (26 Schengen countries), The USA, Canada, Mexico and South Africa and expanding fast to other geographies.


Supported by a professional team comprising industry veterans with collective experience of more than 100 years in dealing with global clientele in telecom, financial services and digital space, our product portfolio offers wonderfully diverse choices with a vision to “Make it Simple” for Global Traveller.


Whether you are going abroad for a short jaunt, a semester, a year or more, our flexible plans are tailored to take care of all your communication needs. Simply activate a Next Cellular SIM card and you will be good to go with a local number to enjoy local rates, unlimited talk, text and data, an undeniable advantage, not only for you but also for all the people near and far who want to communicate with you.

And above all, no need to worry about prohibitively expensive international roaming charges!!


Some important milestones that define our journey:

•  September 2017: Founding team registered the company – Next 360 pty Ltd – Cellular, Money, Insure.

•  March 2018: South Africa Network goes on air. Sales and promotional kiosk at Johannesburg airport goes live.

•  September 2018: Network footprint expanded to 31 countries across 3 continents.

•  March 2019: Serviced 45000+ cricket enthusiastic customers from India and South Africa during the cricket world cup in the U.K.

•  September 2019: Operations in India for NEXTCELLULAR PRIVATE LIMITED rolled out.

•  March 2020: Customised “work from home” / “learn from home” products launched for South Africa domestic B2B / B2C customers.

•  September 2020: On popular demand from customers, innovative “Long stay” / “Study abroad” plans launched for all countries.

•  March 2021: IAAS (infrastructure as a service) solution rolled out for Enterprise segment wanting to launch own telecom service.



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